HAIFA / Presenso uses sophisticated deep learning, machine-learning, and real-time analysis algorithms to precisely predict machine degradation and failure within heavy industry


Presenso news

March 3, 2017

Is the digital twin ready for widespread adoption?

The technology world is abuzz with talk of the digital twin. Gartner identified the digital twin as one of the top 10 strategic technology trends in 2017. Not only have GE and Siemens committed massive investments in this arena, but they are publicly tying their future earnings to the success of these initiatives.


February 16, 2017

Robots are Learning the Subtle Sounds of Mechanical Breakdown

Expert mechanics can detect what’s wrong with a car without lifting the hood. So can deep learning robots.


November 21, 2016

Presenso wants to prevent factory shutdowns with sensors and machine learning

Presenso’s technology uses sensors and machine learning to predict malfunctions in various types of equipment and prevent costly shutdowns of plants and companies


June 14, 2016

Israeli Industrial IoT co DeepSense Raises $2MM

Israeli startup DeepSense (formerly known as SmartLogic) has completed a $2 million financing round. The company specializes in long term prediction of industrial machine failure, to minimize downtime.